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Nicolock Products

paver-shield™ PAVERS

Brilliant color can always be found in Nicolock pavers with paver-shield™. Rich vibrant colors are the hallmark of everything we make. With Nicolock’s paver-shield™ technology, colors stay rich and vibrant. From Rustic to contemporary, we have a color palette to complement every home. When choosing Nicolock, you are receiving pavers with color from top to bottom and a tight, smooth surface. Our pavers will not expose heavy aggregate as they wear. The ultra-dense surface has more color and more protection, ensuring a lifetime of beauty.

Toscana Series Pavers

Nicolock’s exceptional quality with the elegant look of naturally aged stone. Superior color with textured edges give those stones an old world charm.

Circles & Inlays

With Nicolock it’s easy to add an artistic focal point to accentuate a seating area or create a distinguishing pattern in your driveway. Express your style outdoors with these textures and colors to accent your project.

Environmental Pavers

Nicolock manufactures several variations of eco-friendly paving stones. These products allow storm water to percolate back into the soil rather than run-off into sewers and waterways. In addition to being environmentally friendly, these pavers may help you to maximize the property by creating a more permeable surface area to meet government requirements.


Nicostone by Nicolock is a durable paving stone that looks and feels like natural stone. Nicostone products fuse elegance and modern technology with the advantage our Cool Touch Technology™. Pavers with Cool Touch reflect solar heat, making it more comfortable to walk on with bare feet.

Wall Systems

Walls are no longer just used for functionality; today, they are becoming increasingly more diverse and expressive. When it comes to choosing the perfect wall to suit any style, look no further than the Nicolock wall Collection. We make it easy to choose the perfect wall for any residential or commercial installation. The chart on the following page will help you determine structural needs. Once you decide, you’ll find numerous style options and an exceptional pallet of colors to choose from. Look for Nicolock, where beauty, durability and functionality meet.

Piers, Coping, Caps

With Nicolock’s selection of Piers, Coping, & Caps you are certain to find the perfect style and color to suit your design. Our piers and caps bring a stylish appearance while proving a setting for addition lighting. Nicolock’s wall caps and coping provides just the right finish to your installation. They are available in a variety of style.


With Nicolock’s selection of Treads & Steps you are certain to find the perfect style and color to suit your design.

Outdoor Living

Extend your living space and bring your backyard to life with any of Nicolock’s Outdoor Living Products. From fire pits to outdoor kitchen features, Nicolock’s extensive line of products and accessories will help you create the backyard of your dreams.

Outdoor Dining

Whether your outdoor space is a city balcony or a sprawling ranch, dining outdoors is a much-anticipated ritual and pastime. With our outdoor dining options, transforming your backyard or patio into a grilling paradise involves very little effort- just common sense and great Nicolock products.

Nicolock Catalogs

View/download the most recent catalogs to learn why Nicolock has a product and color for every home. Find product information, design inspiration, color options and so much more in these catalogs.

nicolock catalog 2023

paver-shield™ technology

Nicolock sources the highest class of raw materials in the industry to give each paver the very best in quality and consistency. Our patented process features a smooth, ultra-dense surface and rich vibrant color guaranteed not to fade.
Our unique, state-of-the-art manufacturing process ensures that all of our quality materials are precisely measured out to create a consistent, extremely durable base mix which is the foundation of every Nicolock paver.

During this process, iron oxide bonds with cement molecules resulting in the most vibrant color seen throughout each paver.

Once our base mix is created, ultra-fine sand, Portland cement and additional color come together to create our paver-shield™ technology.

The result is a tight, smooth surface texture combined superior color, strength and beauty that will last for generations!

paver-shield™ technology: Tight, smooth surface texture that is built into the paver, not a sealer like other manufacturers. Ultra Dense base mix featuring color throughout the paver ensuring a lifetime of beauty.

About Nicolock

For more than 60 years Nicolock has been trusted to help homeowners and contractors like you in achieving their perfect home project. From technological advances such as our paver-shield™ technology, to our advanced color blending technique, Nicolock continues to lead the way in the production and supply of quality concrete products and outdoor living solutions. We are proud to say that we are 100% U.S. owned and operated.

Using select materials, our rigorous attention to qualitycontrol during the entire manufacturing process guarantees product consistency and allows us to offer you a lifetime warranty on our products.

We know and trust that you will love your Nicolock products. We are excited to introduce new and innovative products this year while continuing to bring you our superior line of pavers, wall systems and outdoor living lines.