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Stonehenge Products

Wrought Iron Entry Doors

Quality craftsmanship combined with beautiful design creates stunning and unique curb appeal for your entries. Stonehenge Wrought Iron Doors will help you create a unique entry door to match your personality, whether you favor old world charm or sleek modern lines.

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Natural Stone

Create the look you’ve always imagined with long lasting, low maintenance natural stone.

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Manufactured Stone

Our Manufactured Stone Collection delivers the warmth, beauty, and strength that you have come to expect from natural stone. Manufactured stone allows you to achieve a natural look by adding the perfect finish to your home. Multi-ledge pieces allow for fast and easy installation. With many colors and styles available you can build the home of your dreams.

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Pavers / Tiles

Granite, natural cleft, sandstone and rubber.

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Stair Treads

Available in Granite & Sandstone, these quality stair treads are available in multiple colors to compliment your project.

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Thin Brick

Our thin brick collection of beautiful color tones and textures.

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Solar Powered Paver Lights

Stonehenge solar paver lights are easy to install. Just pull out a paver and replace it with our solar powered paver light.

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Wood-fired Pizza Oven Kit

Ready to stone- create grilles pizza and more

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BBQ Grill Kit

4 or 6 burner BBQ grill

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Outdoor Bar Kit

Charcoal granite countertop, stainless Steel working countertop with integral wine bucket and beverage bucket

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Refrigerator Base

Refrigerator base comes ready to stone. Our refrigerator base is an iron structure with galvanized wire

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Fire Pit Table

NG or LP, includes base, granite and stainless steel doors

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Wood Tile Flooring

Wood tile flooring that has the look of wood but the durability of tile.

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