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Cathedral Cream Manufactured Dimensional Stone

Milestone Rockface natural dimensional stone available in 8″x18″ and 6″x24″. This natural stone is the perfect accent to compliment neighboring stone/siding or as a full wall installation showing off its beauty and strength

Cathedral Manufactured Dimensional Stone Features

  • UV protective coating
  • Waterproof
  • Easy install
  • Interior/exterior
  • Sizes
    Flats: 12” H x 24” L
    Corners: 12" H x 17" L x 5" return
  • Flats: 4 pcs per box
  • Corners: 2 pcs per box

Cathedral Cream Manufactured Dimensional Stone

Why StonehengeUS Cathedral Manufactured Dimensional Stone?


All StonehengeUS cathedral manufactured dimensional stone is made from high-quality materials. We use precision machinery and procedures to ensure accuracy. All StonehengeUS products are thoroughly inspected before shipment.

Indoor/Outdoor Applications

StonehengeUS cathedral manufactured dimensional stone is designed to be installed indoor or outdoors. Maximizing the potential for your project by allowing freedom when choosing where to install your stone.

Warranty & Support

All  stone products come with our standard warranty coverage. Peace of mind is important when purchasing a stone products. StonehengeUS is a New York based company with both salesman and technicians servicing all of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

Our Stones Journey From Earth

Our stone products are created just as mother nature intended them to be. With beautiful natural tones and colors that create unique patterns and designs. StonehengeUS’s commitment to quality has driven large demand for our products. Our manufacturing processes allow us to maximize your projects potential while helping you save on costs.

High-quality Materials Are Mixed and Cut

Creating the perfect manufactured stone product starts with the mixing only the finest ingredients. After mixing, stone material is then cut to it’s final dimensions for specific stone styles. Afterwards the cut stone is shipped to our local processing plant for assembly.

Man cutting stone

Stone Cutting & Processing

Stone then travels to our state-of-the-art processing facility where it is cut, tumbled and shaped into its final form.  Our unique process allow us to maximize efficiency helping control manufacturing costs to pass savings to our customers.

Man cutting stone

We Leave “No Stone Unturned”

Workers inspect every stone for sizing accuracy, depth, color and more. StonehengeUS has committed to providing our customers with high-quality stone products. Product is then packaged securely to minimize breakage.

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