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Founded in 1890, Glen-Gery Corporation is the largest molded brick and fifth largest brick manufacturer in the U.S. We hold the distinction of an honored and trusted name in brick-making throughout the building industry. From our corporate headquarters in Wyoming, Pennsylvania, we operate 10 manufacturing facilities throughout the east and Midwest regions of the United States. Our diverse product line of over 300 products includes extruded, machine molded and glazed face brick, brick pavers, and a complete assortment of brick shapes and custom shape units. Our York Plant, in particular, is noted for its beautiful and architecturally-prized, Authentic Handmade brick.

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Bigler Plant


Bricks available from this plant are Arbor Rose (also available in 1/2 Thinbrick), Ashby, Chamberburg Pavers, Chatham, Cocoa & Cypress Pavers, Ellsberry, Fall Gray Velour, Garrison Gray, K&W Old Smokie & Red Pavers, Mendenhall, Moshannon Lightweight, Rustic Myrrh Velour, Sandcastle, Silverbrook LW (aslo available in 1/2 Thinbrick), Spring Hue Velour, St. Augustine (also available in 1/2 Thinbrick), St. Cloud LW, St. Windsor (also available in 1/2 Thinbrick), Valdosta LW, Wilmont, call your salesman today for our special prices!


Caledonia Plant


Bricks available from this plant are available in full & 1/2 Thinbricks. The colors are Aberdeen, Bayhill, Cedar Lake, Flaggstaff, Milwaukee, Nob Hill, Olde Detroit, Rosewood, Rustic Burgundy, Silver Glen (not available in 1/2 Thinbrick), Stratford, call your salesman today for our special prices!


Capitol Plant


Bricks available from this plant are Autumn Shade, Camden, Chantilly Ironspot, Chesapeake, Chocolate, Delmarva, Glenrose Battlefield, Jefferson Blend, Lake Braddock, Mason Gold, Mountain Rose, Plymouth, Potomac, Prince William Red, Provincetown, Richmond, Ridgley, Rockbridge, Roseneath, Sperryville, Staunton, Westbrook, Western Shore, Winfield, call your salesman today for our special prices!


Hanley Plant


Bricks available from this plant are Alhambra Matt (M21/27), Aspen White (W804), Baxter, Beige with Speck (S42, W42), Bermuda Blue (G391), Black (G701), B lush Mist (W19), Boulder Grey (R83), Bronze (W772), Burgundy Ironspot (available in SIS81 & WIS82), Burnt Almond (available in S21-22 & W21-22), Burnt Almond Flashed (available in FS21-22 & FW21-22), Burnt Almond Ironspot (SIS21-22), Burnt Orange (W23), Canyon Sunset (R29), Cedar Ridge (R58), Cider Brown (W306), Coolspring, Corsica, Cream White (available in S30 & W30), Dark Brown (available in  S76 & W76), Dolomite Grey (available in S181 & W181), Dusty Gray Ironspot (SIS665), Evergreen (G042), Golden Dawn (available in  S27-28 & W27-28), Hazen, Light Grey/Speck (G625), Medium Rose Ironspot (SIS421), Nugget (S517), Oyster Grey (available in S56 or W56), Oyster Gray Ironspot (SIS56), Oyster White/Speck (G825), Plum Ironspot (available in SIS62 or WIS62), Port Liberte (available in  S392 or W392) Port Liberte Ironspot (SIS392), Red Cliff (available in S12 or W12), Ringgold, Rome Gray (available in S93 or W93), Sable Brown (W88), Sable Brown Flashed (available in FS88 or FW88), Sand (R33), Silver Birch (R35), Smoky Quartz (available in S72 or W72), Smokey Quartz Ironspot (available in SIS), Spice White (G712), Sunrise (S307), Sunrise Flashed (FW307), Sunset (available in S15 or W15), Sunset Flashed (available in FS15 or FW15), Tawny Beige (available in S32 or W32), Toledo Grey (available in S75 or W75). White (G791) and White/Speck (G725), call your salesman today for our special prices!


Iberia Plant


Bricks available from this plant are Adrian & Adrian Titan, Albany, Anchor Bay, Augusta, Brewster, Canyon Blend, Cedarville, Chesterfield, Covington, Dearborn, Fort Miami, Huron, Jamestown, Kokomo Heritage, La Salle, Mansfield Red, Marion Blend, Marquette, Ontario, Ravenna, Ridgeland, Rosedale, Salem, Shelby, Silver Lake, Superior, Sycamore, Waverly, Windman, Woodbury, & Wyandot, call your salesman today for our special prices!


Marseilles Plant


Bricks available from this plant are Avondale, Bainbridge, Bordeaux, Cabernet, Cashmere, Cedar Creek, Chelsea, Colonial Sand, Compton Ironspot, Ellsworth, Harvest Velour, Hinsdale, Horizon, Illini Commons, Laredo, Lockport, Marquis, Marseilles Commons, Mayfair, Merlot Fullrange, Mesa, Monet, Navajo Red Velour, Northwood, Prescott, Red Flashed Velour, Red Velour, Remington, Saddle Velour, Sahara Velour, St. Thomas, Summerset, Vermillion, Walnut Velour, Wheaton, Wilmette Ironspot, Windsor and Winnetka, call your salesman today for our special prices!


Mid-Atlantic Plant


Bricks available from this plant are 1-HB, 100-M, 160-M, 162-M, 190-M, 192-M, 250-M, 26 HB Flashed (available thinbrick), 26-HB, 26-HB Redburn, 333 Old Williamsburg, 350-M, 4-HB, 47-HB, 51DDX, 52DD, 53DD (available in pavers & thinbrick), 56DD, Cameo Rose, Catawba, Cedarhurst, Chatsworth, Concord White, Danish (available in pavers & thinbrick), Danish 1776 (available in thinbrick), Devon, E-Flashed, Flashed Bark, Flash Bark with Maize, Greystone 1776, Harbor Mist, Heather Rose, Heather Rose 1776, Hubbardton 1776, Jersey Battlefield, Market Street, Oak Beach Paver, Old Field Paver, Olde England, Oyster Bay Paver, Red Bridge, Ryebrook Paver, Sandford, Sandford Redburn, Sands Point Paver, Saratoga, Shrewbury, Sierra 1776, Staplehill, Teaberry, Vienna 1776 & Winchester, call your salesman today for our special prices!


Redfield Plant


Bricks available from this plant are Ashland, Autumn Haze Paver, Autumn Haze (available in Classic, Ironspot and Ironspot Classic), Bankston, Belle Harbor, Brown Classic, Celtic Grey, Condovan Bronze Classic, Crimson Pointe, Danbury, Flashed Camelot Ironspot Clasic, Flashed Maroon paver, Glenwood, Hawthorne, Ironwood Classic, Maroon Classic, Midwest Tudor, Oxford, Oxford Ironspot, Red Paver, Red Classic, Red Colonial, Red Ironspot Colonial, Smoked Tudor, Terra Cotta Classic, Ultra Brown Classic, Yukon Gray, Yukon Pink, Yukon White & Yukon Winter, call your salesman today for our special prices!


York Plant


Bricks available from this plant are 200 Flashed Matt, 900 Red Matt, 912 Virginia Blend, 914 Old Moss, Allington, Antique Ivory, Atlanta HMOS, Avingnon, Baldwin, Barlow, Belgium HMOS (also available Belgium 1/2 thinbrick), Ben Frankin, Benson, Blacktone, Braddock, Brandywine HMOS (also available in 1/2 thinbrick), Breckton, Brookhaven, Cherrylane HMOS, Clairton, Courtland, Crafton, Crown Point, Danish HMOS, Desert, Desert Redburn, Duguesne, Flashed, Genesee, Glenolden,  Hampton Hill, Hancock, Harding Blend & Harding Blend Redburn, Haverford, Hearthone, Inwood, Lafayette, Lansdowne, Laurelton, Lorraine Full Range HMOS, Lorraine White HMOS, Minuteman HMOS, Monticello, New England Tradition, O’Flash Utility, Old Brownstone, Old Roycebrook, Olde Liberty, Parliament, Patriot, Pennsbury, PS-57, Red Clearburn, Red Matt, Rockcliff, Roycebrook, Sahara HMOS, Schenley, Scotch Traditional HMOS (also available in 1/2 thinbrick), Statesman, Tonbridge, Travanion HMOS, White Mist, Williamsburg, Wingate, Yor Brown & York Red Pavers, call your salesman today for our special prices!