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Cut dry with no dust



The iQ426HEPA Cyclonic dust extractor with hepa filtration

The iQ426HEPA Cyclonic Dust Extractor is equipped with a four stage filtration system, two of which being the primary cyclone followed by the six secondary cyclones.
Utilizing this two stage cyclonic filtration process the cyclones pull and capture large and medium sized particles out of the airstream, keeping them from reaching the third and fourth stages (Durabond Filter and HEPA Filter).

Having cyclones filtering dust and debris at the first two stages not only protects your filter from clogging up and keeps your suction strong, it also gives the iQ426HEPA the versatility to pick up different types of debris of various sizes, without you ever worrying about clogging.

What makes this Vacuum Dust Collection System (VDCS) truly unique is the two stages of cyclonic filtration because this means that less than 1% of the dust ever reaches the filter. With a clean filter, vacuum suction stays strong and operating at its optimum performance level. The cyclonic filtration process and a clean filter is what gives the iQ426HEPA its powerful 190 CFM of suction power, making it the most efficient dust extractor in its class.


iQ360XR saw
  • 190 CFM of MAX POWER
  • OSHA Compliant for 7″ Grinders
  • 50 lbs. / 10 gal. Capacity
  • iQ Smart Power Management
  • 7 Cyclones
  • HEPA & Durabond Filtration
  • QuickSpin Filter Cleaning
  • Heavy Duty Cart + Accessory Rack
  • 14 ft Anti Static Locking Hose
  • Optional Bags for Easy Disposal


    The World’s First 16.5” Masonry Saw With Integrated Dust Collection.

    The iQM362 Dust Control Masonry Saw

    Unmatched Cutting Speed and Performance

    The proprietary Q-Drive® blade incorporates the latest in diamond tool technology, with a diamond layout in the matrix, spacing and segments designed to reduce turbulence and dust.

    The Q-Drive® cuts 40% faster than any other blade, including masonry materials in a wide range of shapes, sizes, weights, and densities; from soft, manufactured stone to dense pavers and granite. This blade can cut through a 60mm x 4” paver in just three seconds.

    Vacuum System, Filter System, Dust Containment

    Featuring a 270-degree Dust Reduction System, the dust is captured within the blade guard, rear dust guard, and downdraft, louvered table via a high-powered, integrated vacuum system.

    The dust passes through a 3-stage cyclonic filtration system, capturing heavy debris, fine particles, and superfine particles, capturing up to 99.5% of the dust within a 40+ pound capacity collection chamber.

    In addition to its dust collection feature, the focused airflow from the vacuum keeps the blade cool to the touch while removing cutting debris so the blade isn’t regrinding the same material. This process reduces friction and heat, keeps the kerf clean and extends the life of your blade.


    iQ360XR saw

    Speed, accuracy, and the ability to cut a wide range of masonry materials.

    • Cut brick, pavers, stone and veneer with unmatched precision.
    • 16.5” blade allows for a 5.5” depth and a full 24” length of cut.
    • Cuts up to 40% faster than any other masonry saw in its class

    Easy to move and transport, ideal for any location, readily available power.

    • High-flotation tires allow one person to move over rough jobsite terrain.
    • Integrated stand with a gas-shock powered lifting/lowering mechanism.
    • Operates on standard 120v and 20 amps.

    Workers’ health, safety and compliance with OSHA regulations.

    • Integrated dust collection captures up to 99.5% of hazardous silica dust.
    • Meets the 2017 OSHA silica standard.
    • Cut dry while protecting the health and safety of your workforce.


    ts244 dry tile saw

    The iQS244 Dry Cut Tile Saw

    Ceramics. Porcelain. Marble. Stone.

    How does it cut dry without heat problems?

    Tile pros know: heat is a factor. So how can you cut tile dry without water cooling the blade?

    The answer is Q-Drive blade with Cool Cut Technology.

    Q-Drive Blade
    Our proprietary composition of diamond concentration, metal type, and flange thickness cuts cool while reducing vibration and movement.

    Engineered to cut tile dry
    Blade stays cool to the touch
    No warping or wandering
    Precision cuts match the quality of a wet blade
    Built-In Vacuum
    The built-in vacuum on the iQTS244 air-cools the blade while removing debris, so the blade isn’t regrinding the same material, reducing friction and heat.


    iQ360XR saw

    Vacuum System

    • Cyclone technology tested to capture 99.5% of dust
    • 92 CFM high output vacuum
    • Saw automatically starts vacuum

    Filter System

    • Three-stage filtration
    • Quick-Spin® filter for easy cleaning
    • 11 sq ft iQ Dura Bond filter

    Dust Containment

    • Empty dust tray once a day
    • Easy cleanup and recycling
    • Meets OSHA’s new 2016 silica standard


        • No water – 100% dry cutting
        • Collect up to 99.5% of the dust
        • Cut right where you work, even indoors
        • Eliminate dust cleanup and problems
        • OSHA Compliant
        • The iQ360XR is a game-changing tool for professionals. Cutting with no dust contractors can now save money, eliminate the mess and pain of dust problems and protect the health of their workers.
    man cutting brick with saw

    The iQ360XT tested to capture up to 99.5% of the dust

    The iQ360XR is tough, built for professionals and designed to last. With basic maintenance – like changing the filter once a year – your iQ360XR will last for years.

    If you have to pay one guy $15/hour to clean up dust every day, for one hour, that adds up to $300 a month.

    Wasting Time
    If your guy has to walk outside or across the job site to make every cut, doing 150+ cuts a day while hauling materials, he spends an hour or more just walking back and forth, another $300+ a month.

    Just using those figures – which are conservative for many contractors – that adds up to $600 per month or $7,200 a year. It can cost even more. Have you ever had to power wash a building? Pay for a customers car wash, or pay to clean their windows? Most of us have experienced at least one of these. They’re rarely cheap, never fun, and they cut straight into your profits.

    Controls cost money too. Personal protective equipment, tarping off your cutting area and cutting wet all cost money, they’re all a pain and they’re marginally effective.

    The iQ360XR eliminates
    A) dust cleanup
    B) wasted time
    C) the cost of marginally effective controls.


      Built Tough

      iQ360XR saw
      • 14″ Masonry Saw for Brick Stone & Pavers
      • New sealed rocker power switch
      • Soft Start technology reduces AMP draw on start up
      • Fully-Integrated Dust Collection System
      • Tested to Capture 99.5% of the Dust
      • Compact & Lightweight—Easy to Transport
      • Made of Tough High-Impact Materials
      • Wide Table Design Allows for Cutting Larger Materials
      • Quick-Spin® Filter for Easy Cleaning


      VOLTAGE: 120v
      SAW MOTOR AMPERAGE: 15amps
      SAW WEIGHT: 65lbs
      DIMENSIONS: 17″w × 20″l × 30″h
      BLADE SIZE: 14″
      SPINDLE SIZE: 1″
      FILTER TYPE: iQ Dura Bond Cartridge
      CUTTING DEPTH: 4.5″H x12″L
      DUST CAPACITY: 1 cu ft
      SAW DIMENSIONS: 17″W x 20″L x 30″H
      EXTENSION CORD: 25ft/12 guage or 50ft/10 guage
      GENERATOR: 4500 watt


        Dry Cut Masonry, Concrete & Stone With Virtually No Dust

        The iQ1014S Portable Dust Collection System

        Cut dry and dustless with the iQ1014S portable dust collection system. Easy to transport with heavy duty wheels & handle, fits through 36″ doorways. Great for multi-story projects & placing directly on scaffolding.

        Portable dust collection for 14″ masonry saws

        Eliminates wet cutting problems.
        No more slurry or stain on finished product, freeze/thaw problems with cut materials, mud hazards or contaminated soil.

        Take the Saw to the Cuts

        iQ360XR saw
        iQ360XR saw


        Heavy Duty Dust Collection System for 20″ & 24″ Masonry Saws

        The IQ2000 Dry Cut Masonry Dust Control System

        Imagine a jobsite with no slurry and no stained finished product. How about never laying wet brick or block again. With the iQ Power Tools iQ2000 system you can cut inside or outside with ease. It’s powerful vacuum and easy clean filter allow you to focus on your work and not the dust.

        • No setting wet brick & block
        • Eliminates slurry and stain finished product
        • Cut inside or out
        • Great for multi-story projects
        • Fits most conventional 20″ & 24″ saws

        Dry Cut Masonry Dust Collection

        iQ360XR saw
        iQ360XR saw


        The World’s First Power Cutter With Integrated Dust Collection

        Cut dry with integrated dust collection.

        Concrete. Pavers. Brick. Stone.

        You cut wet, because you have to. Slurry gets all over the work area, the finished product and the operator. It clogs up the saw, you may have to clean out the water bucket, drainage can be an issue, storm water protection and you have to dispose of it. Cutting wet costs time, money and it’s a pain.

        Welcome to a world without slurry. With the iQPC912VSK you’ll never have to cut wet again.

        A Tool That Saves You Money
        The iQPC912VSK can save you thousands of dollars.

        Cleanup: Paying one guy $15/hour to clean up dust or slurry, for one hour every day, adds up to $300 a month.
        Controls: Personal protective equipment, tarping off your cutting area and cutting wet cost money and they’re marginally effective.
        Business: Blowing dust onto houses, cars and landscapes makes unhappy customers and can cost you future business.
        Just using these cleanup figures—conservative for many contractors—the cost of dust adds up to $3,600 a year.

        The iQPC912VSK eliminates:
        a) dust cleanup
        b) cutting wet
        c) the cost of marginally effective controls

        This tool makes your business more profitable.

        Dry Cut Masonry Dust Collection

        iQ360XR saw

        The iQPC912VSK is tough, built for professionals and designed to last. With basic care and maintenance your iQPC912VSK will last for years.

        • 93cc, 6-HP, 2-Stroke Engine (EPA 3 Certified)
        • QuickSpin Filtration
        • Dust Containment Chamber with Easy Dust Disposal
        • Balanced, Ergonomic Design
        • Made of Tough High-Impact Materials
        • 12” Premium Diamond Blade Included
        • Designed and Built in the USA

        Since the first prototype the iQPC912VSK has gone through months of iterations and systematic testing, often for periods of 6-7 hours per day in 90+ degree temperatures. With proper care and maintenance, this professional tool is designed and manufactured to hold up under demanding conditions.