Sioux City Brick

Sioux City Brick & Tile Co. is a long-time manufacturer of high quality clay brick and a distributor of related masonry products. Our company corporate office is located in Sioux City, Iowa, with manufacturing plants located at Sergeant Bluff, Iowa and Adel, Iowa. Our local distribution sales and warehousing sites are in Sioux City, Iowa, Des Moines, Iowa, Omaha Nebraska, and Bloomington, Minnesota. Our manufactured products are also sold through independent brick distributors nationwide.

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Aztec Series


Blue on gray, white-turquoise and pink-gray colors make this series the most popular residential sellers the Company produces – Aztec White, Casablanca, Winter Rose, Pink Aztec, Antique White, and Inca Gold.


Monticello Series


Monticello Seriesare available only in the Williamsburg version. – Williamsburg Smoky Mountain, Williamsburg Westport, Williamsburg Old Plantation, Williamsburg Inca Gold, Williamsburg Wexford and Williamburg Flint Hills.


Western Series


These color ranges are designed for today’s popular home styles – Ponderosa, Gunsmoke, Russet, Desert Blend, Elk Creek, Morning Mist, Marblestone Gray, Silverstone Gray, Glacier Gray, Santa Fe and Winter Park. 


Sand Struck Series – Williamsburg, Charleston & Savannah Groups


Distressed indented (Williamsburg), machine set (Charleston) and architectural (Savannah) versions. As a group, this sanded and textured series is an increasingly popular line for either residential or commercial applications – Birchwood, Tudor, Old Heritage, Cambridge, Wellington, Hampton, Parkridge, Stratford, Sand Hills Red, Stone Ridge and Bradford.


Buff, Grey, Tan & Pick Series


FBX Monochromatic colors (most are available in smooth texture also). Many banding and/or patterning combinations are possible with this architectural series – Clear Buff, Dunes Gray, Beige Gray, Charcoal Gray, Oxford Gray, Chateau Gray, Castile Gray, Butternut, Chestnut, Kodiak, Mission Pink, Coral Pink, Dakota Pink, Regency Blend, Mojave, Deer Valley, Gas Burn Matt (4 color ranges), Monterey Ironspot and Sedona Ironspot.


Brown, Burgundy & Ironspot Series


Includes both flashed and monochromatic ranges – Brookfield, Smoked Tudor, Cabernet Burgundy, Chelsea Ironspot, Welsford Ironspot, Cinnamon Ironspot, Mesaba Tidewater, Royal Burgundy, Brown, Hearthside, Brownstone, Cordovan and Mocha.

Colonial & Colonial Ironspot Collection



Natural Ironspot Series


FBX Architectural earth-tone colors (most are available in smooth texture also). This flagship series ranges from a shiny black to soft pastel burnt orange colors, all with the distinctive natural ironspot background – Badlands, Black Hills, Coppertone, Prairie Sunset, Doeskin, Ebonite, Toasted Fine Art, Fine Art, Grand Canyon, Sienna, Mountain Shadow and Vintage Brown.


Red & Red Range Series


Fourteen classic reds (FBX) velour, smooth, rolled texture and sanded shade ranges in this color group – Red Velour, Cambridge Colonial, Cambridge Velour, Redstone Antique (HBS), Granite Red Colonial, Canterbury, Cranberry Colonial, Red Desert, Red Rock, Amherst Colonial, Parkridge, Sonoma Valley Velour, Napa Valley Colonial And Velour.


Sanded Architectural Series


Sanded Velour texture FBX Architectural colors. These new colors compliment the Natural Ironspot and the other monochromatic colors in our lineDesert Blend Velour and White Plains Velour.