Custom Mortar Colors by Lehigh

Custom Cement Colors on this page are produced in pre-blended Portland/Lime Cement conforming to the proportion requirements of ASTM C270. Type O, N, S and M are packaged in 60, 72, 76 and 83lb.  bags respectively. These Portland/Lime Blend contains Type I Cement meeting ASTM C150 and Type S Hydrated Lime conforming to ASTM C207.

The colors available are PLKM40, PLKM4363, PLKM35, PLKM39, PLKM54, PLKM30, PLKM29, PLKM31, & PLKM40, other colors are available by order.  Those colors are PLKM2873, PLKM4223, PLKM36, PLKM37, PLKM4023, PLKM4423, PLKM38, PLKM29, PLKM4093, PLKM28, PLKM25, PLKM27, PLKM23, PLKM22, PLKM32, PLKM43, PLKM24, PLKM44, PLKM47, PLKM49, PLKM48, PLKM20, PLKM52, PLKM53.